Saturday, 5 November 2011

Twit Ta-Woo!

Apologies for the lighting...hopefully you can still get the gist of the design :( Mr Vimto's bringing his camera from back home in Edinburgh this weekend so hopefully the pics will get better (not sure what the make of the camera is, but anything's better than my current camera, right? hehe)

So, as thrilling as Forensic Bioscience is (I do it as an extra module, not a degree sadly), writing a lab report for it isn't quite as thrilling, so I decided to do my nails for a bit of a break :3

Now, I am obsessed with owls, dunno why, but I think they're rather awesome and I'm slowly building up a collection of owl themed goodies :D I've been planning to do owl nails for a while, but wasn't sure how to go about it...full owls, heads, on branches or whatnot. I was planning on doing a scenic type thing, with owls sitting on a tree branch and a moon in the background, but it didn't work out quite well due to spacing issues on my short nails :(

I decided to settle on using negative spacing (when you can see bare nail) cos I liked the look of seeing the wee owl ears :3 I used some french manicure stickers to get the curve (relatively straight)

I thought it might look a bit boring just having all owls so thought I'd do polka dots on the ring and thumb in the colours of the owls...they're a tad wonky cos I wasn't quite paying attention hehe.
Although, I did forget to add french manicure base before I started the coloured owls, so my bare nail looks TOO bare :(

Green: Models Own, Jade Green.
Lilac: Models Own, Lilac Dream.
Grey: Collection 2000, Angel Wings.
Orange: Ebay unbranded striper.
Yellow: Ebay unbranded.
Black: Ebay unbranded.
Top coat: Nail life, speed demon.

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