Sunday, 22 July 2012

Marmalade Doodles

I've been meaning to do a doodle-esque mani for a while, but I've been lacking in appropriate imagination and patience recently.

I used Revlon Colourstay in Marmalade for the base, and I have to say that the Colourstay range takes SO long to thoroughly dry, I have a few from this range and they all take so painstakingly long to dry. I left this mani to dry for 3 hours and still managed to dent it when I went for a nap...however a nice layer of top coat helped smooth things over :)

ORANGE: Revlon Colourstay - Marmalade
WHITE: Ebay - Unbranded
I find it quite ironic that the designs done with my non-dominant hand (2nd pic) are actually more detailed than the ones done with my dominant hand...I probably made more of a conscious effort with the designs on that hand :p

I'd also like to add that my thoughts, hopes and wishes go out to those affected by the Colarado shootings. Hopefully this is the final straw to make the state to change it's gun laws.

If The Fish Swam Out Of The Ocean....

Does anybody remember that ever so popular (and annoying) song, called Black and Gold by Sam Sparro a fair few years ago? Anyways, this song haunted me for the entire day I had this mani (half dried polish and tights do not mix!)

I don't really have much to say about this design, I resort to drips whenever I have a mind blank and black and gold is a sexy colour combo, no?

BLACK: Barry M - Black
GOLD: Barry M - Gold Foil

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blue And Gold Ying Yang

So...still raining here...Some summer, eh?

Moving away from the dull weather chat, I decided to go back to the good old Ying Yang design, but this time in mint blue and gold for a nice and different touch.

MINT BLUE: 17 - Mint Choc Chip
GOLD: Barry M - Gold Foil

I've recently noticed there tends to be more interpretations of "mint" than any other colour...they're either blue or green and then there's the various tones as well...I've yet to find one that matched MY idea of mint...maybe I should just franken one :p

Onto my news, I found out I got into Honours Pharmacology for uni :D My grades weren'tt he best to get into Honours, so I was convinced I'd get offered a Designated/3 year degree in Human Bio. So I'm happy, yet confused, that I got offered Honours :D Hopefully I'll be okay with the work load, after doing part time study for the past 2 years :o

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bright Pastel Watercolour Attempt

Hello one and all, how are we today?

This design is a bit of a meh design that I may re-do, either with the same colours or maybe black and white...

Ive gotten a bit sick of pastels lately (I may have over pastelled myself haha) and the use of just black and white in my last post has made me love the simplicity of monochrome on my nails!

This was my attempt at watercolour nails, using a sandwich bag to smoosh together blobs of wet polish to make a kind of watercolour-ish design. I personally don't think my attempt went too well, the colours are kind of still separated and it just doesn't seem too pretty together, maybe i used too many or something...although I do like the middle nail :)

Think black and white might make a good combo, given they might mix to make grey too...

Anyhows, I shall do another post soon if I redo this (i'll give it a day or so...) no doubt :)

The shop is going well in terms of views, but no one's bought anything yet :( Ah well, time will tell :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Double Post: Hime Gyaru & Ying Yang Drips

Hello m'loves, how are we surviving the freakishly wet summer of 2012? T_T

Anyhows, I have a double post for you today, since I didn't have much to say about of the designs as there wasn't much to it. Also, more apologies for my cuticles, I got fed up and went a bit snip happy with nail I know why you're not supposed clip them -_-

The first design is a gentle step into the ever so slightly OTT world of Hime Gyaru nails from Japan.

In all honesty I kind of had another mind blank on what nail design to do, and all I decided was that I was going to use the ever so lovely Buttercup from the Revlon Colourstay range as a base. I then just blindly went into my nail decorations box and grabbed anything yellow based and ended up with this kind of thing. Normally I do my ring finger and my thumb as accent nails, however due to the unpractical use of gems and pearls and whatnot, I decided to keep my accent nail to just the ring finger. They did however last a fair amount of time before I decided to take them off (around 3 days) 

YELLOW: Revlon Colourstay - Buttercup
Gems & Pearls: Ebay
The next design I have is a Ying Yang/Drip effect design that I actually really like. If anyone watches the amazeballs Voussontbeauetbelle (i.e Becca) on youtube, you'll know that she often sports some wowza looking ying yang nails more often than not, and I just had to get involved! Me being one for accent nails and all that tosh, I decided to sport the ying yang sign on my accent nails and a drip effect on my other nails (God, I do like a good old drippy effect)
WHITE: Models Own - Snow White
BLACK: Barry M - Black
Given that my usual white is in Glasgow at the moment and I am in Edinburgh (making sure Mr Lacquerised doesn't die from starvation while his family are away in the sunny climates of Chamonix), I persuaded Mr L to purchase me a white from his place of work (Boots, however he only works in the opticians not the normal part of the store where I can easily peruse the contents for almost an hour!) and he picked up the Models Own French Mani white which I'd never actually used before. Personally, I find it a bit blah to work with...opaque-ish in 2 coats but can be a bit patchy and it has a weird consistency...maybe I'm just too used to my Ultra Pro one lol.

It was surprisingly hard/confusing for me to do the ying yang signs...I couldn't get them consistently the same shape...maybe I was overthinking it too much hehe.

Anyhows, if you don't know yet, Ive finally got round to opening my Etsy Shop, so have a quick peruse if you wish, and maybe even buy a set if you want hehe ;)

Till next time! :)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

I'm (Finally) On Etsy!

There's only 3 sets on the shop just now, I have plans to do a set of the butterfly nails, but I don't have my black with me >_<

Anyhows, have a look, suggest any changes (my banner isn't the best, I fail as MS paint aha!), pass on the link to anyone who might be interested!

Thanks for reading and hello to my new followers! :D

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things Are Finally Happening!

Hello folks,

just to let you know I might not post for another wee while yet! I've finally got the courage to start selling nail sets on etsy, so I'll be busy-ish painting nail sets for that (only a few though, dont want to get ahead of myself!) and after doing one set last night, I realised doing painting nail sets with ready painted nail isn't a good idea. So I'm currently sporting blank nails, which quite frankly horrifies me...

But hopefully I'll get back to posting normally soon! ^_^