Thursday, 3 November 2011

Glitter Stripes

I have to say, I love this blue glitter from Barry M. It's so dense so it only takes 3 coats for it to be opaque...

But I didn't want the in yo' face glittery-ness that it has on it's own so I decided to lay some striping tape on the blue, and paint over with black, so there'd be lines of blue glitter left amongst the black :)

Also, this post means I am FINALLY up to date with my designs and I shall be able to give you better posts about each design such as inspiration and colours of the polishes :) but nothing can be said for the quality of the photos...sorry :( I wish I had a proper camera :/


  1. cute! i like the idea of using the striping tape to make the lines on top. the striping tape never works out for my nails.. they always end up peeling.

  2. hmm, do you wait for the top layer of polish to dry before taking off the tape? i find it works better if you peel the tape off as soon as you put the top layer of polish on! :)