Monday, 29 April 2013

More Sinful Colours

Hey guys, really quick and sparse post today, Myself and Mr Lacquerised have some family problems going on at the moment and that coupled with 3rd year uni exams isn't the best feeling.

I'll be honest and say I'm not entirely sure when I'll get back to posting like normal, things feel a bit poopy right now in all honesty.

Anyways, here's some more Sinful Colours polishes that I picked up a while ago. I haven't got time to properly do swatch posts of each one so I did a quick patch test on some paper.

If you haven't bought these from Boot already then I suggest you do, cos for £2.00, they are really good and pretty much around the same volume as standard polishes!

Hope you guys are well too and stay safe! Hopefully see you's soon :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Swatched! Models Own: Fuzzy Peach

Two posts in one day?! What a treat! R maybe I'm just procrastinating haha!

This is models own peach fuzz, which is almooooost a cult colour and I can see why, I love a good orangey peachy coral and this is a good 'un! It's not too bright like an orange but it's bit more brighter than a peach. It's opaque in two coats but I added a third to be sure, as always.

I can see this vein a favourite over spring and summer, it's just had that happy inducing aura about it :)

Swatched! Collection: Milkshake

Sorry for the lack of posting guys, been a bit bogged down with studying and the sort D: hope you's are surviving okay if you's are studying too!

Today, I have Collection/Collection 2000's Milkshake to show you.

I don't have many nudey, beigey "safe" colours and I thought this would be a nice one to pick up. It's a nice pinkey beige cream that is opaque in two coats but I used three to be definitely sure of it's opacity.

I can't say much on wear time as if been a bit daffy with nails colours recently and I've been changing it every two days, ever had one of those restless phases?

It's a really nice colour to have, especially for prom/wedding season if you're unsure of what colour to wear with your outfit. It dries fairly quickly as it's part f the 60 second range!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Very Impromptu Nail Polish Haul!

Quickie post as I've procrastinated enough and I have lots of studying to do. Boo. Anyways, I went for a quick galavanting to Boots for some fresh air/sunshine and I noticed they've started stocking Sally Hanson polishes and Sinful Colours, and of course I had to grab some! The Hanson stand was quite glorious with nail wraps and cuticle care, but the Sinful Colours was a bit lonely and empty looking. Hopefully they get more stock in to attract more folk. They're only £2 a bottle for 15ml so even better for your money than the Collection Hot Look teeny polishes! To sum up, (as my iphone photos are pitiful, I do apologise!) I bought Sinful Colours in Be Happy, Unicorn and Soul Mate. Sally Hansen in Mermaid's Tale. models Own in Fuzzy Peach. And Collection Hot Looks in ELectric Dreams and Milkshake.