Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul

Just a quick post as in super tired from travelling about all day - Perth to Glasgow to Edinburgh! 

Basically go to and revel in all the cheap products they have, I got all this for £25 including the delivery! 

Did you ear about Van Gogh, are we there yet?, I have a herring problem, I don't give a rotterdam. 

Mojito madness, cascade cool. 

Classy, hazy. 

Wet cement. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Boots Haul #7

It's been a very long time since I've posted a Boots haul. And tbh I probably have bought other Boots/drugstore stuff before now but I've just outright forgotten to post about it, whoopsies! :o

Anyways, my recent haul is a bit of a mish mash of things so let's get onto it! 

Doing my nails often mean I obviously need to have hand cream nearby at all times, I did have the new garnier ones that claim 24 hour moisture but they felt far too silicone-y (which provides the 24 "moisture" I'm assuming) so I decided for something new/better. There wasn't much in offer in terms of what I knew for sure was actually moisturising and had a nice scent and was practical to carry about so I went for this good old Nivea one. I adore the scent and it sinks in fairly quickly, and I can also use it for other dry areas that I randomly notice if I'm out and about. I'm also going away on holiday soon to Chamonix, so the 75ml is great for carrying onto the plane. 

My boyfriend is currently in Perth, scotland, for a work placement so I've been travelling between Perth, edinburgh and glasgow, so a few travel sized bits were needed so I wouldn't break my back carrying even more stuff than usual. Batiste doesn't need any explanation, other than even though I chopped my hair to belter shoulder length I still can't be bothered washing and drying my hair lol! The halo eye wipes I'm sure I got in superdrug, but it's still drugstore so I'll leave it in ;) these are very good at taking off waterproof mascara (more on that in this post!) and are in a handy dinky little packet too. They're textured but not too chemical-y so it doesn't burn your eyes or anything. I'm very bad at using body lotion, but with the sun shining and more shaving of leg needed, I need to step up my lotioning! This is a very good lotion, it sinks in well and leaves my legs and arms soft. Might even get the normal size of this! 

I've been using the Good Things range quite a lot lately, so I've been keeping an eye out for any new offerings they have especially concerning spot control. This gel mask is VERY mentholated when you first put it on, it's practically like running airwaves chewing gum on to your face, but it gradually settles down and it feels like nothing at all. It dries to a slightly tacky/dry finish but you don't get that mask like "I can't move my face" feeling since it's a gel mask. It leaves your skin nice and soft and calms down any sore spots you might have. I haven't used it long enough to gauge long term benefits but I really like it so far! 

Any Asian girl (or guy!) will understand my predicament of finding a good mascara that  holds up my short stubborn lashes. I usually always have toget a waterproof formula but even then, not all waterproof formulas are good enough. However this is a god send, recommend by leighannsays on YouTube! It thickens my lashes, keeps my curl and even lengthens them a bit. It makes my eyelashes actually visible to the naked eye and I adore it! Highly recommend if you have trouble with mascaras like Ido! 

As much as I have mascara issues, I have lip balm issues. I'm allergic to some lip balms, which makes finding a good one difficult. I used to use Carmex but i broke out in a reaction after returning to it's use after using blistex for a while. I also have a reaction to Chapstick and eos balms! Anyways, I pretty much rely on the medicated blue blistex or the little metal tube one. Neither are hygienic though, so I was trying to find a stick balm that didn't cause my a reaction. I was a bit wary of using a flavoured balm in case that broke me out, but I had enough points toget this on my card so I figured I wouldn't lose out much if I did break out. And hurrah, I am reaction free after a week of using this! It's moisturises really well and it tastes amazing! 

I mentioned myself and my boyfriend are away to chamonix for a holiday with his parents and brothers and sisters and cousins etc etc. they're away a week before us so we had to pack a bag for them to take with them since they're driving down. Anyways long story short I only have one eyeliner/eyebrow brush so I had to get another one to use whilst my good one is travelling to france. There wasn't much to offer other than this ecotools flat eyeliner brush which seems too wide to use for my eyebrows. However, I've managed to figure out how to use this and it works really well for an eyebrow brush. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail Art Mish Mash and Fragrance Direct

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I've been feeling so uninspired lately and pretty much only do things like polka dots and triangles just in different colour combos which can't be too inspiring for you guys tbh :/

I miss doing the WOW designs like the pokemon nails or the butterfly wings, but with my stuff being in two different places, it's a bit hard to get everything together T_T

Anyways, this is just a collage of what I have done, which is just a colour block design using standard sticky tape, gems and some polka dots with a holo polish. Pretty boring really :(

But one semi exciting thing Id like to mention is that if yous would like to buy some cheap OPI or China Glaze or Essie then head over to which sells high end AND drugstore products (hair, nails, make up, perfume etc) with a huge discount, even Revlon polishes were down to 99p :o I did a smaaaal purchase of 9 polishes which totalled to £22, which is really good considering it contains 4 OPI polishes! I think it's old season products they only sell, but definitely have a click on the link to see if theres anything you've been desiring!