Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pastel half moons

Sorry about the really crap lighting, as I've said, I only have my Blackberry camera, and I usually do my nails at night, so my photos are usually horrid...I'll invest in a camera one day :P

Anyways, this is my 2nd attempt at half moons with a bit of microbead detailing. Not too sure if I said in my firs post about half moons, but I did this by using hole reinforcement stickers at a guide so I dont have to worry about being careful hehe, And I added a little detail by adding microbeads to the line on one finger. I liked the idea of using a little something or other to hide the join, cos it neatens it up a bit better and hides any squinty bits hehe.

Grey: Collection 2000, Angel Wings
Lilac: Models Own, Lilac Dream
(I'm planning on labelling the polishes used for every post once I get caught up, but I can't remember them all for backdating T_T )

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