Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Ombre & Scribble Flowers

Hey guys, long time no post! So here's a double post to make up for it ;)

I've still been uninspired lately plus my nail art stuff is between glasgow and edinburgh so it's still a bit tricky to get stuff done. 

This first design I have is a summery ish ombre using the Barry m Gellys and confetti glitter. I'm going to be a horrid blogger and say I've forgotten which ones. But I'm guessing guava, Greenberry and dragon fruit? :/ anyways did the standard spongey ombre with those three colours and then went over an accent nail with the sort of corresponding confetti glitter topcoats. 

The second design is a scribbly floral design. I like the look of the Marc Jacobs ish designs that some people have done but I was in the mood to do something that looked like doodles and wanted to use models own fuzzy peach. It's a horrid photo but I did this in te evening and light wasn't too good so I had to use the flash on my phone. Sorry!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

All The Black & White Glitter Topcoats!

I'm a hoarder. And I like the current indie inspired trend of black and white glitter topcoats. After purchasing 3 of the loreal offering, I knew I needed Barry m's confetti topcoat which has bar/strand glitter compared to circle/hexagonal glitter in the loreal topcoat. 

I've yet to purchase multiples of the Barry m one, but I shall do at some point because I think black and white is unusual for a glitter polish and goes with pretty much any colour for when you're having a mind blank on what nails to do. 

Here, I layered them both together over Barry m's Greenberry and I love it so much. It's does lead to a little but if glitter overkill, as the Barry m applied a bit easier than the loreal (I only have one coat of each) but I don't mind too much! 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Swatched! Barry M Confetti topcoats

PIf you're itching to get your hands on the new Barry m confetti topcoats then I suggest you go to superdrug fairly soon as they have a 3 for 2 offer on right now! 

Sadly I couldn't find the green confetti topcoat (Sour Apple I think?) but I managed to pick up the other 3. 

I layered two coats if each over the Barry m Gelly polishes that I'd Swatched in my previous post (yes, in lazy lol)

Marshmallow is a pink and white glitter topcoat which is very pretty and quite a subtle colour. 

Dolly mixture is a mix if orange, yellow white and blue glitter, which is very representative of the name. It's such a cute topcoat and I think its very like Liquorice in that it could go with many colours.  

Liquorice will probably be the most famous and sought after polish due to the release if the loreal and marvelling attempts at the infamous Sticks an Stones indie polish. Black and white glitter seems so simple yet different for a litter topcoat doesn't it?! Due to sticks an stones being a mix if circle and bar glitter (if I remember correctly) I may layer Liquorice with L'Oreals topcoat to hopefully give a similar effect. 

I have totally bought into the recent glitter topcoat trend and I hope to complete the collection and grab Sour Apple soon. However I don't think I'll be picking up any if the Barry m sequin polishes as I think it's the textured polishes with glitter in them which I think would be a nightmare to try and smooth over. 

Anyways I highly recommend these topcoats to add a bit of extra colour to a plain base without to much effort! 

I now realise I have the blue one to pick up (bubblegum). My bank balance is crying already lol. 

Swatched! Barry M Gellys

Hey guys, I have a swatches for you guys today after I discovered Superdrugs 3 for 2 sale and they are currently stocking the new confetti and nail art pens from Barry m (blog posts on them to come).  

This post shall be on some of the newer Gelly polishes, specifically Key Lime, Greenberry, Dragon Fruit and Guava, which are all opaque in 2 coats but I used 3 as always. 

Key Lime is a bright lime green creme that is a really unusual colour to find I think. I know Barry M has a similar colour in their normal collection which I also have but I found it to be far too sheer even for a normal jelly finish. This is a much better alternative! 

Greenberry is a very bright turquoisey colour with a hint of bright green to it. I love this colour and it's very summery. 

I picked up Dragon Fruit as I don't actually have many pinks in my collection. This has as light shimmer running through it however it's not too noticeable. 

Guava is a darker turquoise leaning towards blue which I think is nice for summer nights out. 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Impromptu Superdrug Haul

Yes, I'm normally a Boots girl but given they're currently stocking the new confetti collection and the nail art pens, AND it's 3 for 2, I could not help myself. 

They're also carrying the sequin collection but I decided to slip it as the polish is actually the concrete texture polishes with sequins rather than a creme finish, which doesn't sound appealing to me tbh... 

Anyways I bought all but one of the confetti polishes (they didn't have any of the green or blue one, Sour Apple and bubblegum I believe?), the black and white nail pens and some of the newer Gelly polishes. 

Swatches soon hopefully! 

Glitter French Tip Gradient

I'm not in much of a talking mood today sorry, but thought if post this before I forget! 

Collection 2000 electric dreams with Models Own disco inferno from the boogie nights collection

Much love!