Thursday, 3 November 2011

Can You Feel The Boom Boom Bass? (super-fail)

After the somewhat success of the Sweet Like Chocolate song inspired nails, I attempted to do some nails inspired by Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. And how I failed -__-

My right hand has better designs than the left, so maybe if I did the same designs on the other hand, it'd have looked better :/

Thumb: pink and yellow eyliner
Index: half blonde, half pink hair
Middle: pink hair
Ring: pink lipstick
Pinky: green hair

Thumb: green scaley swimsuit with pink goo
Index: glow in the dark nautical stripes
Middle: polka dots in the colours of the dancers' underwear
Ring: pink feather
Pinky: pink giraffe print

I really didn't like how the nails turned out, I took them off after a day...Oh well, back to the sketchbook...

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