Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Boots Haul #5

I got carried away again...I was putting money back for THE Zara Office City Bag, since I feel like I should start dressing a bit more my age (I'm 24 this year, yikes...) and it also seems spacious enough to deal with all the possible crap I'll be carrying in 4th year (YIKES), but turns out My Lacquerised is planning on getting my the bag (and a jacket I'd been planning on getting to go with my new found grown up-ness) for our anniversary, sooo...Boots cam a-calling :P

I've actually opened up and used a few of the things I'd bought, and I'm not sure where my camera is, so I'll be using stock photos from wherever I can find them :)

Ecotools Buffing Brush, taken from ecotools.com

Ecotool Deluxe Concealer brush, taken from ecotools.com

I'm a big fan of kabuki, flat top dense type foundation brushes and I'm always looking for more to add to my collection. I'm a huge fan of the flat top Sigma kabuki, but it's shed on me twice now, and they're too expensive to ship over, or to even buy here :( I currently have the Sigma round top kabuki, Real Techniques expert face brush and the infamous ELF powder brush. I'm quite lazy/inconsistent with my brush cleansing, so I'm trying to get at least 5 to use each day :p Ecotools currenlty have buy one get one half price deal so I got the buffing brush and the concealer brush. The buffing brush has quite long bristles and almost feels flimsy to use with foundation, but it buffed my foundation in quite well, and left quite a nice finish. I'd been meaning to get a seperate concealer brush as I usually just use my foundation brush, but it makes my brushes dirtier quicker, and I didn't like using the smae brush for 2 different products. This brush is really dense and small enough to fit aroung the eyes and nose, and it really good for patting your concealer. Highly reccomend both!

L'oreal Excellence Creme in 9.1, taken from Loreal-paris.co.uk

Don't worry I havent gone blonde! I' got a bit bored with my hair, but don't feel prepared to get it cut, so i'm trying to lighten it to a brown. Suzi from stylesuzi on youtube dyes her hair with 8.1, but Boots only had one box and I'd need at least 2 boxes so went for this colour as I've got quite a bit of dye in my hair from when i went red and dyed over with black. It lightened both my virgin hair roots and dyed hair pretty well (obviously they dont match entirely) and I'd recommend this if you have very dark hair and want to lighten to brown.#

Barry M textured nail effects, taken from google

Models Own in Utopia, taken from google

Barry M Gelly in Lychee, taken from Google

And of course I got some polishes, I find the new trend of textured polish quite interesting, although that might be just because I like textures lol. I got all the available colours, as they were all pastel, and I've been meanign to get an opaque yellow. Utopia and lychee are colours I've been meaning to get for a while as I dont have many simple and classic beigey, nudey colours.

Other than a few wee bits like toothpaste and handy wipes, that's pretty much it :) I'll hopefully get to do some swatch posts or nail art with the new polishes if i have time :)

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