Friday, 24 August 2012

First Nail Sale! :D

Hello my lovely nail peeps, hope you guys are well and preparing to go back to school/college/uni or just working in the big bad world as a grown up :)

This isn't really a nail art related post, but it's just to celebrate my first sale on Etsy :)

Etsy were nice enough to send my an email hehe

You may or may not know that I currently have an Etsy shop with a few false nail sets for sale! There's only a few designs, as I doubt this will kick off in a huge way, but have a look to see if there's any you like, and you can also request a custom design if you don't like anything that's listed :)

Sorry for the lack of nail posts, I've been having some more plain jane weeks, but shall hopefully have a nail art post soon! :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Wedding Nails!

Hello people!

Been a little while since I posted, just been doing a teeeeny bit of revision for going back to uni (3rd year - YIKES!) and just enjoying what I have left of the summer! I havn't done much nail art, just had some plain jane nails with Barry M's Spring Green and Red Black (maaay have spent a little money onlikne ¬_¬ )

Anyways, I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow, and these are the nails I decided to do...I'm not actually sure if they're even wedding appropriate, or that they even match my outfit properly. They're the same colour scheme, but my dress is long and chiffon-y with a black beaded shawl...So not triangular in any way XD

Not sure what made me think of this design, other than I like triangles and I like the contrast of the dots and colours.
MINT GREEN: Barry M - Mint Green
BLACK: Barry  M - Black 
My love affair with Barry M has increased so much with the purchase of Spring Green, Mint Green and Red Black... *sighs* I have Berry Ice Cream to try out as well, but it looks like a lovely colour and no doubt I'll love it since purple is my favourite colour!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Galaxies Round 2

Yet another re-hash of an old design for you guys today! Although this time, my galaxies turned out a bit 
meh in comparison to my first time :/ 

Also, I'm sorry my cuticles are in a dire mess, this was my third attempt at a design (one did not turn out as I hoped and the other just smeared all over the place cos I was too impatient D: ) and the acetone wasn't doing much for them...I must get round to buying some cuticle nippers, now that I know that they're not as scary as they seem thanks to good old youtube :)

I normally list the colours to my designs, but the only branded polishes I used were the black and the glitter which were good old Barry M, the others were just those cheapy ebay polish pens!

Galaxy nails have been around for yonks now, so there's probably loooots of explanations/tutorials on how to do these :) They're a lot easier than they look, all you really need is a couple bits of sponge, some galaxy-esque colours and a glitter topcoat :)

I'm not liking these ones as much as I liked my first ones, these are too yellow and I should've taken my time to blend/sponge my colours a bit better...but I guess they look okay from afar, I don't take too kindly to strangers getting too cosy with me XD

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wakka Wakka Wakka 2

Hello lovely bloggers, hope you're enjoying/tolerating the Olympics! :p I've just been watching things like swimming, diving and gymnstics, i.e things over relatively quick or with amazing ability :p

Today's design is another Pacman design, but fairly simple compared to my first one :) I've had a bit of the cold/stomach flu/cough this week so didn't want to end up smearing my design and ruining many minutes of concentration :P

BLUE: Barry M - Cyan Blue
OTHER COLOURS: Ebay - Unbranded
I used good old faithful Barry M for the base, then used some cheapy ebay nail polish pens to do all the other details. I sadly couldn#t find a turquoise/light blue for one of the ghosts, so subbed in a cherry thing :)

The pink one looks rather cock-eyed or like it's had a stroke...oopsies... XD On my other hand i just had the same blue base, with stries in the co-ordinating colours of pacman/ghost, since i didn't feel up to doing my left hand (darn my lack of un-ambidexterity!)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Commenting And New Post Soon!

Hello people, hope you guys are well and enjoying/avoiding the Olympics madness!

I wa splanning on avoiding it, but the gymnastics and diving has sucked me in :o The opening ceremony wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, I liked the latter half of it once it got to the more music-y bit, rather than the history type stuff...zzz...

Anyhows, sorry I haven't posted, I've been ill with a cough/cold and maybe a bit of stomach flu...or a severe dislike to Covonia hehe.

I also wanted to add, that I'm finally getting round to replying to comments anyone has left on my posts. For some reason, my laptop would never let me reply or post comments (it would vanish after I hit reply D: ), but I'm on Mr L's desktop just now and I can FINALLY reply to all you lovely people that have left comments :D

New post to come soon (not Olympics related f.y.i lol), I just need to find that rascal of a camera cable :/