Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Boots Haul #5

I got carried away again...I was putting money back for THE Zara Office City Bag, since I feel like I should start dressing a bit more my age (I'm 24 this year, yikes...) and it also seems spacious enough to deal with all the possible crap I'll be carrying in 4th year (YIKES), but turns out My Lacquerised is planning on getting my the bag (and a jacket I'd been planning on getting to go with my new found grown up-ness) for our anniversary, sooo...Boots cam a-calling :P

I've actually opened up and used a few of the things I'd bought, and I'm not sure where my camera is, so I'll be using stock photos from wherever I can find them :)

Ecotools Buffing Brush, taken from ecotools.com

Ecotool Deluxe Concealer brush, taken from ecotools.com

I'm a big fan of kabuki, flat top dense type foundation brushes and I'm always looking for more to add to my collection. I'm a huge fan of the flat top Sigma kabuki, but it's shed on me twice now, and they're too expensive to ship over, or to even buy here :( I currently have the Sigma round top kabuki, Real Techniques expert face brush and the infamous ELF powder brush. I'm quite lazy/inconsistent with my brush cleansing, so I'm trying to get at least 5 to use each day :p Ecotools currenlty have buy one get one half price deal so I got the buffing brush and the concealer brush. The buffing brush has quite long bristles and almost feels flimsy to use with foundation, but it buffed my foundation in quite well, and left quite a nice finish. I'd been meaning to get a seperate concealer brush as I usually just use my foundation brush, but it makes my brushes dirtier quicker, and I didn't like using the smae brush for 2 different products. This brush is really dense and small enough to fit aroung the eyes and nose, and it really good for patting your concealer. Highly reccomend both!

L'oreal Excellence Creme in 9.1, taken from Loreal-paris.co.uk

Don't worry I havent gone blonde! I' got a bit bored with my hair, but don't feel prepared to get it cut, so i'm trying to lighten it to a brown. Suzi from stylesuzi on youtube dyes her hair with 8.1, but Boots only had one box and I'd need at least 2 boxes so went for this colour as I've got quite a bit of dye in my hair from when i went red and dyed over with black. It lightened both my virgin hair roots and dyed hair pretty well (obviously they dont match entirely) and I'd recommend this if you have very dark hair and want to lighten to brown.#

Barry M textured nail effects, taken from google

Models Own in Utopia, taken from google

Barry M Gelly in Lychee, taken from Google

And of course I got some polishes, I find the new trend of textured polish quite interesting, although that might be just because I like textures lol. I got all the available colours, as they were all pastel, and I've been meanign to get an opaque yellow. Utopia and lychee are colours I've been meaning to get for a while as I dont have many simple and classic beigey, nudey colours.

Other than a few wee bits like toothpaste and handy wipes, that's pretty much it :) I'll hopefully get to do some swatch posts or nail art with the new polishes if i have time :)

Watercolour Nails

I've been sucha a bad blogger...again... I've been really busy with uni, as I have a project due and I had a week with like 9 labs (I usually have 1 or 2 at most) and it's all just been a but WAAHDAODHASIIDBISDIHU lately XD I also haven't done any of the swatch posts I'd said I'd do from my last Boots haul >_<
Things are semi-calming down right now, so I might be able to do swatch posts of my latest Boots hauls (got some of those Barry M textured polishes :D ) so hopefully I'll get something typed out, really sorry guys!

Anyways, on a rare night off from uni work/sobbing at labs, I dashed out some watercolour nails. I'd previously attempted it by using the cling film/sammich bag technique but mines ended up very splotchy and looked like a 2 year old tried to paint my nails lolol. So I got the acetone out and did it hte proper way, and LOVED how it turned out :)
I used a white Revon to as a base, then topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite to use as a barrier between the acetone and the white base. I then dabbed on patches of Essie Lilacism, Essie Lapiz Of Luxury and Essie Mint Candy Apple and used a brush dipped in acetone to smudge out the blobs. then another coat of seche vite was used and you're done!

Personally, it took me about 15 mins to do the whole thing (inc base) as I didn't want any harsh lines where the blobs has dried around the edge. I thing using pastels makes it's really pretty, but I might consider using  more bold colours and see how that turns out :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Simple Valentines Design

Ehrmagadz, an actual nail post?! :o
It's been a while I know, but since it's Valentine's Day coming up, then I thought I should make an effort and post something. I'll be honest and say that Im not a huge fan of red, pink or hearts...hence why i used Essie's Lilacism for a base colour, just something a little different.
I intended on making the hearts dainty and delicate, but I've been down with the cold recently and a cough doesn't make nail art easy to do :p
I used the Models Own/WAH Nails white nail art pen. I initially started using acrylic paint, but the consistency of the paint was a bti thin and I had to do a lot of layers which made it thick and bulky...not sure if that;s the same with all acrylics or just the brand I have?

As always my cuticles are a riot, but it seems like such a chore to do, and a bit pointless since it's so cold anyways...I'm such a bad nail blogger lol.
I'll hopefully get another design done tonight, as I did this design last week and it's a bit grown out out now, can't be having grown out nails now can we?

Are you guys up to anything fun? Me and Mr L are going to one of our fave restaurants called Khublai Khans which is a mongolian buffet type place with exotic meats like zebra, and horse. We both actually laughed at how we'd had some horse meat just before the scandal broke out :p
It seems like a funky place to eat, but I definitely reccomend it, they have chicken, fish and beef for less adventurous folk ;)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Boots Hauls #4

Hello people, I have ntoher Botts haul for you! Now, Mr Ls job at Boots means once in a while he gets vouchers in the mail (2 x 200 points for £20 spend and £2 off Essie to be exact), and since he doesn't really buy much, I..."borrowed" them :p
I was plannign on spending only £48 ish (to get the 400 points and also the money off the Essie) HOWEVER I have now learnt that the stuff you shove in your basket doesn't actually look like it's worth as much as you think...I ended up spending just under double the amount I intended D: I have never had so much spender's guilt, EVER -_- 

Anyways, onto the actual haul :)

Of course I had to get some polishes ;) Bourjois were doing buy 1 get 1 half price, and I couldn't decide between the 2 Essie colours. And who doesn't have at least one Models Own polish? :p The colours I picked were (L-R): Feeling Blue, Lapiz Of Luxury, Lilacism, No 17 (I think...), Beige Glamour. Swatch posts soon!

This is a repurchase of the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. Despite everyone saying they've changed their formula and this formulation not being as good as the old one, I don't mind this one so much and I actually really like it (I've never tried the old formula). It melts really nicely onto your skin and it's managed to even take off my waterproof mascara and revlon colourstay foundation off pretty well, so it works well for me. It does leave a slight film, however I tend to double cleanse so i don't mind too much. I have left the film on a few times, and it moisturises your skin quite well, and my skin is so soft in the morning. I dont tend to use this in the morning as there isn't as much needed to cleanse off my face.

I'll be honest and say that despite me having pitch black asian hair, I've tried to dye it a few times. First was a dark blue-black which obviously didn't turn out well (the hairdresser lied!) and then i went through the standard red phase. Not bleached and dyed red, just red straight over the black so it'd shine red in certain lights. I then got bored and went back to black, then....the ombre happened. I was attempting to get it light enough to go a pastal lilac (can you tell I have Tumblr?! XD ) but 2 hours had been and it was just a ombred gingery colour...so I got fed up of waiting and just left it like that. At first I was really annoyed it wasn't light enough (arguments with Mr L in the bathroom would prove that lol) but I've grown to like the colour. So anyways, bleaching the ends of my hair have left it tuggy, and generally horrific, and ti's a pain to brush. So I  decided to get this hair mask to try and sort it out. I;m not one for caring about the whole silicone controversy, as your hair is dead anyways, and it's mine to do what I want to :p I've tried this only once, but it works a treat, my hair was lovely and soft and even stayed soft after straightening it, a definite improvement!

I bowed to the pressue and bought the healthy mix foundation a while ago so thought I'd get the matching concealer. It comes in a lipgloss type applicator, y'know, the slanty tip with the hole in the centre? It's a nice consistency, and it does have a decent coverage, but I still prefer using the Collection Lasting Perfection conealer :/ I'll prob use this on days when I don't feel like being too covered up or I'm only going to go out for an hour or so.

Who doesn't need hand gel in the day and age of bacterial paranoia? :p This was on a BOGOF offer and I prefer scented hand gels so I thought why not. It's an odd consistency, as it makes a kind of white, sticky gell when you first rub it in, then makes your hand quite tacky then dries to completely non sticky finish...but it smells really nice!

This doesn't really need an explanation really...I prefer cutex to other brands for some reason though, not sure why. But the white one with the lilac lid smells SO nice compared to standard removers!

I bowed to the hype and bought some Seche Vite...and I must say, it is pretty good. I was a bit dubious on why I had to apply so much (the directions sayto smooth over a bead of polish) but it does leave your nails so shiny, and they fell fairly strong due to the thick layer.

I'm quite happy with all these purchases, with only the concealer being a bit meh, but I just think I need to try it more.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Simple Hime Gyaru nails

Hello people! Long time no post eh? :(

Uni's been a bit of a drag, and it's going to get even more saddening as I have at least 4 hand ins/deadlines/tests in March -_- 
So I haven't really been in the mood to do much nail art, but I have been doing a bit of shopping (Boots hauls coming soon!), so I will hopefully start doing swatch type posts soon too :)

So for this design, I used Essie's Lapiz Of Luxury, which I've been eyeing up for a while. It's a lovely dusty mid-blue, that's opaque in 2 coats (but I used my usual 3 coats), perfect for spring/summer. I know it's not that time of year yet, but I do love a bit of pastel ;)

I then got some 3D gems/pearls and randomly stuck on a few clusters in the corner of each nail, then topcoated with a good slather of Seche Vite. I finally succumbed to the hype and grabbed a bottle last time I was in Boots, and I have to say it's pretty darn good. It was dry by the time I (carefully) put away all my nail things, and everything's stayed on despite me getting my nails caught in my hair a good few times lol.

Sorry aboutt he state of my nails, the cold weather's been drying my cuticles and the complete riot of my room means I can't find my Lemony Flutter D:
Hopefully I'll get them back to good condition soon!

Friday, 1 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

I'm currently procrastinating from writing uni notes, and watching Essie Button's youtube video on 50 facts about herself, and I kind of had an urge to do a text post of the tag :) I don't think I'd be interesting enough to do 50 so I've cut it down to 25 :)

  1. I'm a homebody. I'm not a big drinker, because I hate vomitting/feeling queasy, but I don't mind having a drink or two. I just feel really awkward dancing in a sweaty room with strangers and there's always creepy guys trying to hit on you, and it's always so darn loud. Although I do like dressing up and such :) I just like staying in and watching films and just  being all cosy and warm.
  2. I have a lip product obsession. Not so much with lip glosses as my lips are pretty full as they are without adding more fullness, but lipsticks, lip balms and lip stains are quite the obsession. Being asian, I have very little eyelid/crease space for eyeshadow so it's hard for me to do smoeky eye looks or any eye look that isn't just the one shade and some eyeliner, so lips were my next best option.
  3. I can quote F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother. I have the massive Friends boxset and season 1-7 of HIMYM on my laptop and watch at least one ep of either series a day.
  4. I like animals, but see no problem in animal testing (for medicines and such, not so much about cosmetics)  and I still eat meat. I know this is SUCH a contradiction. But I'm currently studying Pharmacology at Uni, and if I get a job in the industry, I'll most likely be testing on animals (I'm pretty sure 4th year projects can be animal based too). The reason is because there would be a even bigger uproar if we started testing on humans when a drug is first being trialed (human clinical trials are usually at the very end before being marketed), and the medical industry wouldn't be as advanced as it is now without animal testing, even medication for peptic ulcers benefited from animal testing. Rats and mice have similar blood brain chemistry to humans and that's why they are used quite a lot, and cats and dogs (i.e the "cute" animals) are actually rarely used, in less than 1% of drug trials. I can't really put my thoughts on this down on paper right now, as there is a lot more to it, but I have my reasons for medical animal testing. I wouldn't voluntarily grab a cat and start testing on it, but if a job requited me to do it and it was for the future benefit of medicine, then I would.
  5. I'm just barely over 5ft, and I have size 4 feet. Actually, I think my feet have shrunk to 3 and a half -_-
  6. I hate overly pointy men or womens shoes. They scare me.
  7. I have a retort/question for everything. I'm not sure why. But I tend to start going off on to hypothetical tangents if I run out of normal ones.
  8. I'm not the biggest chocolate fan. I  much prefer crisps.
  9. I like to cook and bake, but bake more cos it entails less money for getting ingredients.
  10. I'm allergic to kiwis. I won't die, I just get a bit itchy and swollen.
  11. I'm quite fussy with fruit. I don't like bananas because of the texture (don't mind banana flavoured things though), I don't like apples, oranges and raspberries. Some fruits depend on my mood. But I like a lot of veg, even spinach and brussel sprouts.
  12. I can either be extremely tidy and have everything organised...or leave everything in a heaving mess. I don't know why, I can never have my things normally tidy.
  13. I like putting everything into boxes to keep them organised. For example, my hair proucts are in a box seperate from my make up box.
  14. I also like herbal tea. Green tea in particular. Partial to some Chrysanthemum tea for the "yeet hay" y'know? ;)
  15. I have a blackberry but want to defect to iphone
  16. I love Disney films. Although most people like at least one. Alladdin, lion king and beauty and the beast are my faves
  17. I have a wonky pinky where i suspect i may have broken it at some point, but i don't remember ever doing so.
  18. I hate feet. Despite working in a shoe shop for 8 months.
  19. I hate going to the gym cos I dont like people watching me pant like a pie, so I now prefer doing dvds at home.
  20. I want a cat and a dog when i grow up. I ideally want a ragdoll cat and a husky, but I dont like the idea of purebreds. It makes me sad at how they're genetically predisposed to so many conditions.
  21. Not many people know about my blog. One friend laughed atme for having one and Ive not told many people since.
  22. I despise being late. I need to be 15 mins early for everything
  23. I can't stand certain textures, like using a glass nail file. shivers!
  24. I don't like sweet scents. I prefer fruity/citrusy smells.
  25. M hair is down to the bottom of my waist, and is such a pain to wash/brush.