Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Flower Fail


Sorry I've been AWOL, but exam season is fast approaching, so just been gearing up for that *sobs*
Which means there'll be even fewer posts than there has been lately (had some tests and labs and stuff for uni - booo!)  I also apologise for the  mediocre phone cam pic, but camera needed charged and I couldn't be bothered waiting for it to charge hehe ^_^

Anyhows, I noticed that people tend to do florals/dotty flowers as their first tries at nail art, and they usually end up with lovely designs that make me ooh and aah in jealousy. Jealousy because I can't do florals, as you can seem from the attempt below -__-

Dunno, they just dont seem to look like flowers, maybe because grey wasn't the best flower colour to use, but the shape doesn't scream floral to me :( But I guess from far away they look like flowers, most likely because of the green blobs Im calling leaves :p

Hmm, think I'm placing florals on my list of things I ain't good at/never going to try cos I'll fail along with water marbling (dry marbling/dragging seems much easier and tidier) and one stroke flowers -_- *sighs*

Also in other news, I'm considering selling some fake nail sets with some of my designs on folksy (UK version of etsy), which will be something to keep me occupied over summer and maybe bring in some money, if people buy them :p Might jsut start out with a small bundle of 10 or 20, and advertise on my personal FB as some friends have said they really like my designs...or they were just being nice, I don't know lol. I've bookmarked some things from ebay like false nail sets, glue, and jiffy bags etc, and it wont come to too much, so should make a profit hopefully :)

Oh and I'd like to also thank the followers that have started...well,, it's nice to see that people like you enough to follow you, even if it's just a small number, really appreciate it guys :D

Enough rambling now, better get back to the notes D':

Hope yous have a lovely spring day! :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Japanese Dotty Design

During a quick...if 3 hours is called quick hehe...break from studying, I felt the need to change my nails (I'd had Barry M gold foil with OPI Super Bass Shatter after the text nails, but forgot to take photos)

Although I have tonnes of gems, pearls, sequins etc, I haven't actually used them much so thought I'd do some Japanese-esque nails. However, I realised that a) they're rather impractical and b) I don't have the balls to wear such loud and in your face nails, so thought I'd do some gem/pearl/bullion designs on my accent nails to tone it down a bit :p

Sorry for the poopy photo and the poopy post lacking details and probablt decent grammar, but got to get back to the books >_<

Kony 2012

I'm aware with only having 3 followers (one of which is actually my boyfriend) this may not do much, but every little helps, and I feel impelled to post about Kony 2012, to spread the word and to help the invisible children.

Yes, it's a long video, but it's only 30 mins of your life, these kids have been suffering for all of theirs.

Support the cause, spread the word, share the video.

Do it.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Textual Relations

Aloha peeps, sorry for being absent, class tests and all that junk are going on :'(

Anyhoos, here's a quick mani I did the other day, just a monochromatic text speak idea, with smileys and shorthand abbreviations. It didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to, but I didn't want to spend too much time doing my nails when I had a test the next day...

My left hand was totally horrid in comparison to my right...As I am that minority that is lefthanded ;) However, I did learn to love the look of plain white cream nails...just something so clean about them...if somewhat needing a lot of careful clean up...