Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year! :)

I'm not a huge fan of New Years tbh, hence the non-glittery/firework-y NYE mani everyone's doing atm :p

I found this teal W7 polish for £1.50 in New Look and the white polish is by Ultra Pro which I found in Sally's Beauty Supplies.

Don't know what "inspired" me to do the black stones, it just kind of popped into my head really. It's kind of abstract-ish I suppose...

Anyways, hope everyone had a safe and good new years, all the best for 2012! :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Holidays Are Coming...

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a lovely and safe day and get stuffed with ots of food...

I had to take off my previous mani due to lots and lots of cleaning destroying and chipping my polish, so I'm wearing a gold polish with a purple shimmer and Barry M's purple crackle on top :)

Have a lovely day guys! :)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bah Humbug!

Exams are done! Christmas shopping (and wrapping) has also been done! Which means I now have time to do my nails :D And of course 'tis the season for Christmas nails!

I have to admit, I ain't one for Christmas...being Asian (I was born in the UK but my parentals are from Hong Kong ^_^ ) I'm not one for cold weather...I also hate being in crowded places and sometimes I don't like overly cheery people either, so you can see why I'm not a huge fan of winter and Christmas. Think cos my parents have never been overly traditional or Christmassy, so I've never had it installed into me :p But I'm heading to Mr Vimto's this Christmas with his huge (and traditional) family, so I'll see how I survive that :p

Anyways, back to the point, I did my nails in a Christmas mix and match theme as I figured it'd be about as Christmassy as I'd get :p

Thumb - Rudolph
Pointer - Holly
Middle - Christmas tree
Ring - Santa
Pinky - Snowman 

Thumb - Snowflakes
Pointer - Present
Middle - Christmas pudding
Ring - Lights
Pinky - Wreath

Sorry for the complete lack of any proper cleaning up and lack of moisturised cuticles, I was pretty knackered from present shopping and wrapping and tidying up for Mr Vimto's landlord tomorrow... -__-

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Exams Suck!

Bleh. It's now 11.28am and I really should be studying in the library right now. However I'm actually still in my Mr Vimto's flat (he's still asleep, I've been up since 9.30am fyi...) and I'm nursing mild burns I got from a molten cheese, pickle and tomato toastie...who knew tomatoes and cheese could get so hot D: I also managed to ooze some cheese onto Mr Vimto's laptop but I cleaned it up and hopefully he won't notice... However, Friends on comedy central is making me feel better :)

But yes, exams  = life ruiner.

I was supposed to go to my friend's 21st in newcastle on the 10th of Dec,  but I have an exam on the 13th, sucks.

And I haven't had time to just sit and do my nails. which upsets me cos I miss doing them and there's so many christmas ideas :( Even though I hate Christmas, but still, reindeers are cute... Although having just plain polish on me nails (bare nails = evil! Plus my nails are heavily stained from the Haloween design...) has made me notice the the Models Own beetlejuice collection is rather hardwearing...been wearing aquaviolet for round about a week or so and I only have minor tip wear...and the grow out too obviously. Pretty sturdy for a drugstore brand, although Models Own and Barry Mare my favourite drugstore brands, SO many colours and great pigmentation (varies with Barry M I must admit...yes, I did just contradict myself...) so they're great brands I'd recommend.

But yes, been doing the asian thing of staying in the library for 9+ hours...not healthy I know, but I really dont fancy failing again XD plus, Pharmacology/Antomy degrees are hard to get into by the sounds of things. I dont make things easy for myself apparently, psychology was uber difficult as well :p It;s got to the point where I recognise some folk, like Mr I Hate My Laptop (smashes his return and space key as if there's no tomorrow) and the Smoochy can guess form the title as to why they're called that...PDA's are nce and all, but there's no need for sound effects. Bleugh.

Gadz, it's December...Christmas...bah humbug. Also means present buying time -__- I've promised Mr V I'd get him Skyrim... *sighs* boys and their games...he has a backlog of 60 games to play XD

Anyways must go to study, sorry for no new polish related posts :( Hopefully get started back up after the 13th!

Keep safe! :) x