Sunday, 9 October 2011

My proudest creation!

Words cannot explain how proud I was to not only create my own design with no help from youtube, but for it to be as awesome as something like Pokemon!

I remember the Snorlax being the hardest because the green was one of the cheap ebay striper polishes and they take FOREVER to dry, and I also couldnt get his face right.

I must admit I had to google the pokeballs, I haven't watched past the original first season, so I was only aware of the original red and white pokeball.

I decided to do the pokeballs on my left hand as they're the easier design and because I'm left handed hehe.

Safe to say my boyfriend and his geeky friends enjoyed this also!

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  1. Sorry I deleted the comment Candy! (if you check back to this at some point...) I'm still getting used to the Blogger update and don't know how to delete notifications that I have comments :(