Monday, 24 October 2011

Did a disco ball throw up on you?

I was perusing in the nail polish collection of my local Boots one day when I saw this lovely glitter nail polish. It had little bits of blue, silver, green, yellow...AND it was called Disco Ball! How could I not buy this!? :D

I didn't expect it to be as pigmented as some other glitter nail polishes, such as Barry M or OPI, so I knew i could only really use Disco Ball as a top coat. But I didn't want anything just that simple, so I decided to attempt a glitter gradient. Which half worked...I got impatient with the layering (this was quite late at night if I remember correctly) so I did that thing of waiting for each layer to half dry, and then just slopping on another layer...and then going to sleep...which is never a good idea, wrinkle central!

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