Saturday, 8 October 2011

And here's how it all began...

These were my first attempts at nail art, can't even remember when, round about sometimes in May, because I remember doing these just to take a break from exam revision :p It's just a simple sponge gradient effect and a glitter on top to help blend the colours a bit better.

I did the blue first as I was in a "blue" mood, but then I realised I needed to change the colour to more orange/coral colour because I had my friend's engagment party and my top was that colour. Although you can't really see the colours as much in the orangeey one :( and I would've also preferred a gold glitter for those ones, but I didn't have any at the time :(

Looking back on these 5 months on, they look so messy :/ I've only just started getting into the habit of cleaning up before I take a photo, I get too excited if they turn out well) and want to take a photo sraight away.

Oh, please don't expect any good quality photos, I only have a camera phone (a BB bold) and the flassh affect the colours either making them too bright or too dark :( ONE DAY I'll invest in a proper camera...Once I get some money :P

 And after these surprisingly successful attempts, my obsession began....

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