Saturday, 29 October 2011

Either, or...

One thing I like about playing about with nail polish and the like, is the fact you dont have to do each nail or hand exactly the same :)

I'm not a typically girly girl, I don't like the colour pink (I only have one, maybe 2, pink nail polishes) and I tend to have guy logic on most life problems :p

But the one pink nail polish I like in my collection is Fruit Salad by Collection 2000. It's not too girly a pink, sort of on the red, salmon-ish side of the colour scale... Yes, I am a n00b at this describing lark, I'll try and get better at it :) But I quite like the formula as well, it's opaque in 2 coats at the most and it's pretty quick drying, which we all want from a nail polish don't we? 

So yes, back to the nails, I was torn between doing girly, floral nails with 3D nail decos and glitter (or as I like to describe, "girl vomit" XD ) or go gothic-ish with some black stones.

I decided to keep both colours the same to keep them more together, and I thought the black stones would be a nice contrast against the pink base. 

I wanted to do something a little different from the usual polka dots, and I thought some black rhinestones would add a nice 3D tough. Kind of studded-ish.

And here's my girl vomit hand :p You could say this was Japanese inspired as a lot of Japanese nail art tends to have 3D decos and rhinestones and glitter and...well, you get the idea. This was my first time using the floral decos, and I was worried about them popping off straight away (I use clear nail polish instead of nail glue for decos since it's easier to take off and I'm worried nail glue would damage my nails) But I found some glooped up quick drying top coat so I used that as a glue, and to dab around the base of the flowers, and they lasted a good few days with showers and uni to deal with!

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