Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Ombre & Scribble Flowers

Hey guys, long time no post! So here's a double post to make up for it ;)

I've still been uninspired lately plus my nail art stuff is between glasgow and edinburgh so it's still a bit tricky to get stuff done. 

This first design I have is a summery ish ombre using the Barry m Gellys and confetti glitter. I'm going to be a horrid blogger and say I've forgotten which ones. But I'm guessing guava, Greenberry and dragon fruit? :/ anyways did the standard spongey ombre with those three colours and then went over an accent nail with the sort of corresponding confetti glitter topcoats. 

The second design is a scribbly floral design. I like the look of the Marc Jacobs ish designs that some people have done but I was in the mood to do something that looked like doodles and wanted to use models own fuzzy peach. It's a horrid photo but I did this in te evening and light wasn't too good so I had to use the flash on my phone. Sorry!

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