Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail Art Mish Mash and Fragrance Direct

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I've been feeling so uninspired lately and pretty much only do things like polka dots and triangles just in different colour combos which can't be too inspiring for you guys tbh :/

I miss doing the WOW designs like the pokemon nails or the butterfly wings, but with my stuff being in two different places, it's a bit hard to get everything together T_T

Anyways, this is just a collage of what I have done, which is just a colour block design using standard sticky tape, gems and some polka dots with a holo polish. Pretty boring really :(

But one semi exciting thing Id like to mention is that if yous would like to buy some cheap OPI or China Glaze or Essie then head over to which sells high end AND drugstore products (hair, nails, make up, perfume etc) with a huge discount, even Revlon polishes were down to 99p :o I did a smaaaal purchase of 9 polishes which totalled to £22, which is really good considering it contains 4 OPI polishes! I think it's old season products they only sell, but definitely have a click on the link to see if theres anything you've been desiring!

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