Monday, 3 June 2013

Swatched! Barry M Confetti topcoats

PIf you're itching to get your hands on the new Barry m confetti topcoats then I suggest you go to superdrug fairly soon as they have a 3 for 2 offer on right now! 

Sadly I couldn't find the green confetti topcoat (Sour Apple I think?) but I managed to pick up the other 3. 

I layered two coats if each over the Barry m Gelly polishes that I'd Swatched in my previous post (yes, in lazy lol)

Marshmallow is a pink and white glitter topcoat which is very pretty and quite a subtle colour. 

Dolly mixture is a mix if orange, yellow white and blue glitter, which is very representative of the name. It's such a cute topcoat and I think its very like Liquorice in that it could go with many colours.  

Liquorice will probably be the most famous and sought after polish due to the release if the loreal and marvelling attempts at the infamous Sticks an Stones indie polish. Black and white glitter seems so simple yet different for a litter topcoat doesn't it?! Due to sticks an stones being a mix if circle and bar glitter (if I remember correctly) I may layer Liquorice with L'Oreals topcoat to hopefully give a similar effect. 

I have totally bought into the recent glitter topcoat trend and I hope to complete the collection and grab Sour Apple soon. However I don't think I'll be picking up any if the Barry m sequin polishes as I think it's the textured polishes with glitter in them which I think would be a nightmare to try and smooth over. 

Anyways I highly recommend these topcoats to add a bit of extra colour to a plain base without to much effort! 

I now realise I have the blue one to pick up (bubblegum). My bank balance is crying already lol. 

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