Thursday, 6 June 2013

All The Black & White Glitter Topcoats!

I'm a hoarder. And I like the current indie inspired trend of black and white glitter topcoats. After purchasing 3 of the loreal offering, I knew I needed Barry m's confetti topcoat which has bar/strand glitter compared to circle/hexagonal glitter in the loreal topcoat. 

I've yet to purchase multiples of the Barry m one, but I shall do at some point because I think black and white is unusual for a glitter polish and goes with pretty much any colour for when you're having a mind blank on what nails to do. 

Here, I layered them both together over Barry m's Greenberry and I love it so much. It's does lead to a little but if glitter overkill, as the Barry m applied a bit easier than the loreal (I only have one coat of each) but I don't mind too much! 

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