Wednesday, 3 October 2012

When Uni Gets In The Way :(

Aloha lovely people, it's been a long while :(

I've been kept busy with uni related things, so I haven't done many designs, and if I have, it's been easy peasy (i.e. pointless) designs. But I've missed writing (albeit bad) posts, so I've compiled my lame attempts in one post so as not to pain your eyes hehe.

To be truthful, my timetable is fairly empty compared to other subjects, although I'm usually always in at 9, I'm rarely in past 12, never mind till 5 (which I thought would happen like every day lol). But I usually spend the rest of my day re-writing my lecture notes and googling extra notes. And I also have to start doing research for an extended essay/mini dissertation I have to do next term. So by the time I've finished doing ntoes, it's time for dinner, and then I'm usually too tired to do anything super intensive. Feels odd being so busy :p

So, with all this time spent writing notes of some form, I've been mostly sporting plain colours, and have only really done 2 designs since my last proper design post :(

I did however, purchase some of the Barry M Gelly range, since I had some extra money in my account, and I got a 20% discount email from Barry M, so I thought why not?! :P I only purchased a few, most of which I can't remember the name of...but I purchased the orange, purple, teal and the dark blue. I've tried the purple and the dark blue, and they are pretty shiney, I didn't even bother with topcoat! So if you've a lazy kinda gal/guy (you never know! :p ), then the Gelly's can be opaque in 1 to 2 coats, and don't necessarily need top coat either, perfect :)

Anyways, one of the designs I did, was an anorexic drip design (I have a habit of making my drips rather bootilicious XD)

I used the dark blue Barry M Gelly, with the Models Own white nail art pen, which helped achieve the skinnier drips as I usually use a brush to do them. I quitw like the effect actually, should've used a pen in the first place hehe!

The next design that I'm also currently sporting is a half assed Halloween-esque design, with glow in the dark polish over Barry M Spring Green, and suing white and black polish to make random googly eyes :)

I'm not sure if this even looks remotely Halloween appropriate, but I think it's the shade of green (and the fact it's October) that makes me think of Halloween? I'm hoping I should have enough time to do some Halloween themed nails like last year, since I ditched out on the Olympics thing, but we shall see what uni has in store :P

Hopefully I'll get back to posting better designs soon, I miss doing my nails :(

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