Thursday, 11 October 2012

Last Minute Pastel Ombre

After an afternoon/evening studying I felt like relaxing and doing my nails, and since the ombre for my last post worked out well, I thought I'd do another one but with pastels (still not accepting that autumn's here!)

I'm pretty tired after being at the computer for most of the day so this will be a pretty straight forward post methinks :p

Pale Blue: Maybelline - Ceramic Blue
Mint Green: Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Lilac: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Since these were sheer colours and I was sponging, (I usually just fade the colours together with a brush), I applied a base coat of white before starting the ombre/gradient. It did take a good few coats to get them this opaque though, however it still seemed quicker than doing a proper design...

Anyways, I better get off to sleep now, hopefully I dont end up with duvet marks. I know you can just topcoat over marks, but I have a 9am lecture so doubt I'll have time :p


  1. This is a pretty mix of colors great nails of the day! :).

  2. These are so pretty, I like how they're not too bright but just lovely dusky colours xx

  3. thanks guys,yeah I didn't want it to be an obvious "woooo look at my naaaaaails" combination lol x