Monday, 24 September 2012

Models Own: Mirrorball Collection

If you're a fellow fan of Models Own or even if you follow a few nail bloogers, you'll have no doubt heard about or seen the much coveted recent Mirrorball collection! It's currently sold out online, but word is that they'll be back in stock soon, maybe October-ish? I luckily got the boxset as a present from a friend for my birthday :D

It's a collection of five glittery topcoats, with the glitter particles ranging from chunky, bar, dot, micro, shredded and bar glitter - it's as if a unicorn puked into each bottle, actually fantastic for a glitter/polish enthusiast!

L-R: Hot Stuff, Boogie Nights, Disco Inferno, Freak Out! and Dancing Queen
Each swatch is with 3 coats

Sorry for the crappy phone pic, my cable is somewhere back home >_<

Although the glitters appear pretty dense in the bottles, they're not as dense when you start applying it, however, they are marketed as a top coat as well as a stand alone polish, so it doesn't matter too much :p The top coats are easy to apply, with the standard moving about of chunks that come with glitters like these. Although the one thing I don't like is that the clear base coat the glitter is suspended in often gets a bit thick and chunky due to the layering, so drying time does add up, considering I have a base coat, 2 coats of white, 2 of glitter and one fast drying top coat. I've also got the glitter regret now that I'm wondering how I'll take these off. (No foil in Mr Lacquerised's flat y'see), but we shall get to that when the time comes :)

All in all, I do think you should try and nab as least one of these, I haven't came across anything similar on the market, and I do think they'll come in handy for any Christmas/New Years parties for the upcoming season ;)

I've just about finished my first week at uni now, and it's not as bad as I'd imagined/feared. I think mainly because my timetable isn't as lecture heavy as feared, so I usually have the afternoons to do some studying/extra reading in the library. I've had my question pretty much approved by my tutor for my extended essay next term, joined the Pharmacology Society committee (just as an ordinary member, really not social enough to be President lol), and I'm up to date with re-writing lecture notes, and even bought my textbook already (I usually buy them 2 months after I start lol), so quite a productive week really :) Hopefully this keeps up, and that 3rd year won't be as bad as reported :D

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