Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Make No Bones About It!

I know I said that I was attempting a tribal design for this post, but it kind of fialed, and I couldn't be bothered starting agai, since white polish is a bitch to get streak free and opaque without having to spend the entire day doing ntohing and holding your hands out in an awkwardly camp pose :p

So I decided to use one of Collection 2000/Collection's 60 Second Hot Look polishes, they're rpetty cheap at less than £2 I'm sure, but they are teeny dinky bottles, so the size of the bottle does correlate with the price :p As mentioned before, I am lacking internet (and also acetone, hence the messy cuticles), so I'm currently in my uni library (first day back!) typing this and no in my room with access to the name of the polish...however, it is a loverly teal blue/turquoise and applies great :) The Hot Look polishes (I've not bought anything else from the Collection polish range) have nice square brushes, so you could possibly get away without cleaning up if you're careful!

Anyways, I don 't know why I decided to do a bone pattern design...think because it wa just easy and sim ple and i was tired at the time hehe. I drew the bones with the Models Own/WAH nails polish pens, which are also great to work with, especially when compared to the cheapy ebay ones I usually use :p