Sunday, 16 September 2012

I Swear I'm Stll Here!

Hello people,

Just a quick mini post while I have access to the internet :o

Mr Lac. has recently gone back to uni in Glasgow, which obviously means he's moved to a new flat (unless he wanted a beeyatch of a commute from Edinburgh lol), and said new flat does not have internet yet :/ Even though I do technically kind of still live at home, I more or less live with Mr Lac. and go wherever he goes due to having various family issues at home and thus finding a 2nd home with Mr Lac. SO, having no internet and having my polishes spread between 2 houses whilst I'm trying to juggle my stuff between the new flat and my home, means I've not had much time/opportunity to do any nail art :(

Mr lac. got a summer full time job with Boots in Edinburgh at summer, and he got kept on for one day a week, so I came home with him this weekend, so I have internet :D I'm currently in the middle of (hopefully) doing some tribal nails, so I hope to post them at some point tonight...or whenever the next time I have access to internet is...But I go back to uni on Tuesday (3rd year, eek...) so I should be able to post soon...Mr Lac and his flatmate are getting internet installed on the 22nd, so everything should fine and dandy soon.. :D

Anyways, sorry for being missing so long! :(

Hopefully see you guys soon :D

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