Saturday, 26 May 2012

Glittery Ice Cream

Hello lovlies, hope you are enjoying the sunshine wherever you are, especially if you're in the UK since there's a random week of sun atm :D

And what's something to enjoy on a sunny day? (apart from cider...mmm...) 

Ice Cream! :D

Lilac: Models Own
White: Ultra Pro
Glitter: Topshop

I've been on a pastel/neutral kick recently, so I decided to go with my good old Models Own lilac and thought pairing it with the glorious topshop glitter would look pretty. I thiiiink the glitter's called Razzmatazz or something to that effect...however, I think it's just a blue/lilacy version of their glitter as the other ones seemed the same?

The white drips aren't as opaque as I'd like, but I did these kind of late and the light in my room made the white seem more opaque than I thought somehow...

Anyways, I best be off to enjoy the sunshine, as it might disappear v.soon knowing the UK, so hope this post was okay...I've been a bit uninspired recently :/


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