Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Blue Triangular Type Things...

Hola peeps, the sunny climate of last week has now passed, and I am currently bundled up on the sofa contemplating putting the fire on :( And sadly enough, those 7 days were most likely the closest Scotland will get to a Summer...gutted.

The idea for this "design" came from...well...I like triangles and I've been on a blue kick...that's it really...I haven't done a geometrical pattern for a long while, (or at all, not too sure...) so thought I'd give it a jab.

Blue: Barry M - Pure Turquoise
Dark Blue: Ebay unbranded
Apologies for the minging-ness of it, I had the base colour on for a day or 2 before doing the pattern and I'd been at the beach. Also, my fast dry topcoat has gotten to the gloopy unusable!

This really did not turn out how I'd have liked, I wanted the lines to be more crisp and the gaps between more equal, but I realised too late that using just the pen end wasn't going to bode well :/

Ah well, you win some, you lose some, will do better next time :)

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