Monday, 7 May 2012

The End Is Nigh...


Long time no blog...or do nails thanks to those pesky little things called exams! But only have one left on Thursday, so hopefully shall start doing some nail-y things by next week after a few days break *fingers crossed* Not going to lie, I have been watching tv and stuff, but I dunno, I feel like doing designs requires a lot of time and patience, and watching tv just requires some it requires less brain power XD

Anyhows, I have a few ideas in my head (what little room is left thanks to all these drugs, cells and diseases I have to know...) so hopefully they'll come to fruition, since I've had plenty of designs that epicly fail when I do them! D:

The exams have been bleeeeuuugh as they usually are, but one thing has been keeping me cheery...and that's wee Zingy and his boppy dance moves :3

Apparently there's a petition to make Zingy an actual toy, and I really, REALLY hope EDF do, I love this wee dude :3

Anyways, got to get back to the BGT results ;) Ciao!

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