Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sloppy Clouds

Just a quick post today, got an exam on Thursday -_-

After my atrocity of peach and black yesterday, I began doing this cloudy sky/sun design. Barry M's Blue Moon is a gorgeous pale blue, however, with the word pale comes sheer, and with sheer comes a pain in the behind to use :p This is actually 2 coats of white and then 3 (or 4) coats of Blue Moon, so 5 or 6 coats of polish! :o I decided to leave this overnight to dry as it was late and I would've stabbed myself in the eye if I messed it up with the clouds.

Blue: Barry M, Blue Moon
White: Ultra Pro, White
Yellow: Revlon, Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle is also sheer but this only required 2 coats of yellow over 2 white, so not as bad to handle. I was going to do one finger grey clouds with rain (since the weather in the UK pretty much IS rain), however, that effed up also. However, I did a thick layer of topcoat on top of the blue before the clouds, so none of the blue came off when I took off the grey clouds :)

Anyways, that most likely makes no sense, I'm a bit brain fried right now -_-

Hopefully my next post is better, sorry guys!

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