Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Change of blog name, Matte Crackle Clash & Rainbow Connection Ring

Happy 2012 folks, hope you've all settled after plenty of food and drink over Christmas and New Year! And hopefully you will have has a less windy time than the UK, blowy times have had public transport cancelled and motorways have even been shut off :( I recently changed my blog name from Fizzy Vimto Nails to Laquerised. Think I was worried in case Vimto would've been on my case for copyright :p Not sure if there's anyone else out there with Laquerised as their name as well, so please let me know if you find someone, don't want to get into trouble!

Anyhoos, I haven't got much of an interesting manicure today, just some Barry M purple crackle over W7 teal and mattified with some gosh. I didn't realise till afterwards that the colours were a bit too dark to see the contrast :/ I also need to work on my hand position a bit better, I've finally got into the habit of taking photos of my nails against a white background so there's nothing too distracting and the colours pop a bit better...Hopefully learn some techniques from other bloogers out there, if you have any suggestions, then feel free :)

Teal: W7, Teal
Crackle: Barry M, Purple Rain
Matte Topcaoat: GOSH, Matt Effect

This is my first W7 polish, in fact I'd never even heard of the brand before, but it was on sale in New Look for £1.50, and I saw it when I was exchanging some clothes, so thought I'd pick it up since I don't own a teal polish and it was a bargain for a standard sized bottle. The Barry M crackle was one I'd been wanting for a while and a lovely friend of mine's gave it to me for Christmas! It's a lovely dark purple with a slight hint of shimmer to it. Not sure if it's limited edition or not, but it's one to pick up and have in your collection! I also think it cracks better than the black one, don't know if Barry M have changed their formula since they've released more colours, but it's a definite improvement :)

Another present that I particularly loved was a nail polish ring from Etsy made from OPI's Rainbow Connection form The Muppet Collection.

Nail polish jewellery is still new concept to me, but it's just various form of jewellery with nail polish embedded in the stone somehow. I think it's a great idea, especially if it's a polish you can't get your hands on because of it not being sold in your country, or if it's a polish that's sold out (like Rainbow Connection!) I 

Please excuse my chipped mattified Facets of Fuchia -_-

I'm not sure how much this cost as Mr Laquerised got me this, but a quick look at other nail polish jewellery on Etsy shows they're only a few dollars per piece depending where you buy from and postage isn't much more either. Who'd have known I'd have been able to join my love fro jewellery and polish together!

So that's pretty much it really, I have a few nail ideas jotted down in my notebook, so hopefully I'll get started on some more interesting manicures! :)

Keep Safe!

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