Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mono ABCs and Minty Spots

Hello again, I've been posting fairly frequently for some reason... I'm going through some family troubles atm and I'm guessing I'm doing my nails to take my mind off stuff :)

The first mani is a monochrome letter design...but it looks like a pile of poop cos I didn't have any of my nail brushes with me (I use nail art brushes to clean up round the edges) and I had a black polish pen/striper, but I felt like I could've done better if I used my brushes :/ I dont think the letters are spaced out well and the letters are rather messy, so it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it might be one I'll try again :)

White: Ultra Pro, French White
Black: Models Own, nail art pen

The next mani is SO much neater because I managed to go home and pick up my nail art brushes and dotting tools :D (and some gems hehe) Sorry about my cuticles, I know it's a nail blogger taboo to have manky cuticles, but I sometimes forget to put cream on before I take a photo. I'm not bff with my cuticles...they're all weirdly shaped compared to other bloggers' that I've seen. Some of mine are square shaped, some oval and some or just wonky, so i need to sit and clean up my polish so it kind of gives the illusion that all my cuticles are the same shape or even. Plus, I seem to have all this extra cuticles skin compared to other's...I'm debating whether to just clip them off (even though you're not supposed to). I usually use Sally Hansen's Cuticle Remover, but it doesn't seem to remove enough of my skin :( If anybody has some cuticle fixing methods they'd like to share then feel free to comment! :)

Light Green: Models Own, Jade Stone
Dark Green: Models Own, Top Turqoise
White: Ultra Pro, French White
Matte Topcoat: GOSH, Matt Effect Top Coat

I hadn't used the turqoise Models Own for yonks, and I'e now rediscovered my love for it! it's such a lovely blueish green! Models Own has such a good range of colours for a drugstore brand :) I like this mani cos I like the contrast of the light and dark greens, and the plain and dotty patterns. I also adore the matte look, wish it caught on a bit more :( The bow on my ring finger (and my thumb which isn't pictured) is just a dot gem with two heart gems on either side, nifty isn't it? I'm not a fan of hearts so I wasn't sure if i'd ever get round to using heart gems...A design for Valentines Day might be a bit tricky though hehe...

Until next time! :)

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