Monday, 9 January 2012

Double Post! - Matte Flakies & Peach and Black

Hello folks! Today'sa double post! Not intentionally I must say, I intended to finish the first mani the day after I done the base, as I done it quite late at night, however I messed it up royally -_-

Grey: Models Own, Grey Day
Flake Topcoat: Andrea Fullerton Nail Boutique,  Gemostone Overcoat
Matte Topcoat: GOSH, matte effect topcoat
My plan for the grey mani was to draw some white clouds so it'd look like a rainy day, however, I completely failed on drawing the clouds so I ended up having to take it off. However, I did like the base on it's own, I like the contrast of the shimmer of the flakie with the matte of the grey base. I actually bought the flakey topcoat before the whole flakey trend kicked off, but I dont tend to use it much cos I don't actually use glitter topcoats too often. However it does add a lovely effect to cream polishes :)

So, with the mani in the bin, I ended up doing can say that I'm not as pleased with it as I usually am with my designs :/ I've been craving to do a peachy coloured mani for a while but once it got to it, I didn't really know what to do with it. -_-

Peach: Barry M,  Peach Melba
Um, I thought bows would be a nice idea and that black would be a nice contrast, not too girly y'know. I can't remember where exactly I bought the bows, but it was on a site where you get 10 in a pack for a couple of pounds. Not sure if it's worth the money for just 10, but it's kind of hard to find small bow gems on ebay :(

Not sure why I added the dot gems...ugh, the more I talk about this, the more I detest it...I'll no doubt change it tomorrow, I have the day off (after only going back today hehe). Even though I have an exam to study for...

Anyhoos, see you later! :)

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