Friday, 15 March 2013

Swatched! Models Own: Scented Collection

Remember those scented polishes when you were younger?! I distinctly remember having a cherry scented one from Claire's Accessories and I loved sniffing it whenever I could. So yeah I was the creepy kid in school LOL. Models own have released yet another cool collection of 5 scented pastel polishes and j of corse had to get them on pre-order ;)

They're 5 pastels, of which I do not need any more of but I couldn't pass up the scented novelty of them! However the pastels are suitable for the lead up to spring/summer. There is a pink (strawberry), lilac (grape), blue (blueberry muffin), green (apple) and yellow (banana). It took me a good 3 coats to get the colours opaque but some still had a bit of pull and patching on the 4th coat for the yellow and green at which point I have up and just left it lol. So it can be a bit annoying to apply these, but a coat if Seche Vite made it no bother to wait for them to dry/semi dry.

As regards for the scent, they smell like those smelly gel pens from when I was in secondary school which I'm sure are still available in whs smiths nowadays :p I'm planning on doing some fruit inspired nail art (predictable I know lol) but I'm awayb from my nail stuff this weekend so we shall see what the wear is like by Monday :)

one coat

two coats

three coats (opaque on the pink, lilac and blue, but patchy on the green and yellow)

four coats

Before top coat

With Seche Vite

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  1. I remember those... The smell used to wear out really quickly though.