Friday, 1 March 2013

50 Shades Of Beige

This design did not turn out what I wanted it to be. I wanted to do the triangle mani, with Models Own Utopia as the base, and Modles Own Nude Beige as the triangle and then do a dot of Barry M Lychee in the centre of the triangle. However, my taping skills were not up to scratch for some reason, and after the 3rd attempt to do the triangles, so I just did htis weird semi-skittle single dot thingy -_- I would've just kept it at the semi-skittle but I liekd the play of words for the title, soooo yeah :p

This is with 2 coats of Utopia and Nude Beige, one dot of Lychee and a topcoat of Seche Vite!

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