Saturday, 9 February 2013

Boots Hauls #4

Hello people, I have ntoher Botts haul for you! Now, Mr Ls job at Boots means once in a while he gets vouchers in the mail (2 x 200 points for £20 spend and £2 off Essie to be exact), and since he doesn't really buy much, I..."borrowed" them :p
I was plannign on spending only £48 ish (to get the 400 points and also the money off the Essie) HOWEVER I have now learnt that the stuff you shove in your basket doesn't actually look like it's worth as much as you think...I ended up spending just under double the amount I intended D: I have never had so much spender's guilt, EVER -_- 

Anyways, onto the actual haul :)

Of course I had to get some polishes ;) Bourjois were doing buy 1 get 1 half price, and I couldn't decide between the 2 Essie colours. And who doesn't have at least one Models Own polish? :p The colours I picked were (L-R): Feeling Blue, Lapiz Of Luxury, Lilacism, No 17 (I think...), Beige Glamour. Swatch posts soon!

This is a repurchase of the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. Despite everyone saying they've changed their formula and this formulation not being as good as the old one, I don't mind this one so much and I actually really like it (I've never tried the old formula). It melts really nicely onto your skin and it's managed to even take off my waterproof mascara and revlon colourstay foundation off pretty well, so it works well for me. It does leave a slight film, however I tend to double cleanse so i don't mind too much. I have left the film on a few times, and it moisturises your skin quite well, and my skin is so soft in the morning. I dont tend to use this in the morning as there isn't as much needed to cleanse off my face.

I'll be honest and say that despite me having pitch black asian hair, I've tried to dye it a few times. First was a dark blue-black which obviously didn't turn out well (the hairdresser lied!) and then i went through the standard red phase. Not bleached and dyed red, just red straight over the black so it'd shine red in certain lights. I then got bored and went back to black, then....the ombre happened. I was attempting to get it light enough to go a pastal lilac (can you tell I have Tumblr?! XD ) but 2 hours had been and it was just a ombred gingery I got fed up of waiting and just left it like that. At first I was really annoyed it wasn't light enough (arguments with Mr L in the bathroom would prove that lol) but I've grown to like the colour. So anyways, bleaching the ends of my hair have left it tuggy, and generally horrific, and ti's a pain to brush. So I  decided to get this hair mask to try and sort it out. I;m not one for caring about the whole silicone controversy, as your hair is dead anyways, and it's mine to do what I want to :p I've tried this only once, but it works a treat, my hair was lovely and soft and even stayed soft after straightening it, a definite improvement!

I bowed to the pressue and bought the healthy mix foundation a while ago so thought I'd get the matching concealer. It comes in a lipgloss type applicator, y'know, the slanty tip with the hole in the centre? It's a nice consistency, and it does have a decent coverage, but I still prefer using the Collection Lasting Perfection conealer :/ I'll prob use this on days when I don't feel like being too covered up or I'm only going to go out for an hour or so.

Who doesn't need hand gel in the day and age of bacterial paranoia? :p This was on a BOGOF offer and I prefer scented hand gels so I thought why not. It's an odd consistency, as it makes a kind of white, sticky gell when you first rub it in, then makes your hand quite tacky then dries to completely non sticky finish...but it smells really nice!

This doesn't really need an explanation really...I prefer cutex to other brands for some reason though, not sure why. But the white one with the lilac lid smells SO nice compared to standard removers!

I bowed to the hype and bought some Seche Vite...and I must say, it is pretty good. I was a bit dubious on why I had to apply so much (the directions sayto smooth over a bead of polish) but it does leave your nails so shiny, and they fell fairly strong due to the thick layer.

I'm quite happy with all these purchases, with only the concealer being a bit meh, but I just think I need to try it more.

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