Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Simple Valentines Design

Ehrmagadz, an actual nail post?! :o
It's been a while I know, but since it's Valentine's Day coming up, then I thought I should make an effort and post something. I'll be honest and say that Im not a huge fan of red, pink or hearts...hence why i used Essie's Lilacism for a base colour, just something a little different.
I intended on making the hearts dainty and delicate, but I've been down with the cold recently and a cough doesn't make nail art easy to do :p
I used the Models Own/WAH Nails white nail art pen. I initially started using acrylic paint, but the consistency of the paint was a bti thin and I had to do a lot of layers which made it thick and bulky...not sure if that;s the same with all acrylics or just the brand I have?

As always my cuticles are a riot, but it seems like such a chore to do, and a bit pointless since it's so cold anyways...I'm such a bad nail blogger lol.
I'll hopefully get another design done tonight, as I did this design last week and it's a bit grown out out now, can't be having grown out nails now can we?

Are you guys up to anything fun? Me and Mr L are going to one of our fave restaurants called Khublai Khans which is a mongolian buffet type place with exotic meats like zebra, and horse. We both actually laughed at how we'd had some horse meat just before the scandal broke out :p
It seems like a funky place to eat, but I definitely reccomend it, they have chicken, fish and beef for less adventurous folk ;)

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