Monday, 11 June 2012

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty...

Hello nail lovelies! 

How are we enjoying the miserable weather that has ensued on the UK? :p Did any of yous do much for the jubilee or were even aware of it if you're not from the UK?

I'll be honest and say I did eff all for the jubilee as a) I wasn't even aware it was so soon (I thought it was in July for some!) and b) I'm not one for Royal celebrations. Not that I hate them or anything (as the standard Scot does, I have to admit), but I've never seen the whole fuss with the Royals, I didn't even watch Wills and Kate get married lol.

Anyways, I've been on a cat obsession kick lately, mainly because Mr Lacquerised has 2 cats and I do have a soft spot for them. It first started with a pair of cat shoes from Daisy Street and then I bought a rose gold cat face ring from River Island, so I thought I'd top it all off by doing some cat nails hehe. But I still stand by the fact I love both cats and dogs the same :)

Many apologies for the crappy phone photos, I've given my camera as a loan to my friend for her graduation/graduation ball photos, and the sun was going bye bye when I decided to take a photo. And I also apologies for the stringy black bits, I rarely use my black polish (I usually use a black nail art pen, but that has run dry) so it's gone a tad gloopy! 

BLACK: Barry M - Black
WHITE: Ultra Pro - Pure White
PINK: Barry M - Peach Melba
 I decided to add a bit of a different touch to my usual nail designs and do a sort of puzzle type element to it by adding the cat's body to the thumb so I can "piece" him together hehe

I opted to do just paw prints on my left hand, since I'm left hand dominant and I knew my wobbly right hand wouldn't be able to deal with piecing together a cat so I thought it'd be better than safe than sorry :)


  1. how cute are these - check out my new look giveaway on my blog its a goodun xxx

  2. I loved how you made the kitty!

    Im a new follower :)