Friday, 1 June 2012

All Aboard The Blog-Train!

Would you like a few cheeky extra blogviews or even a few extra followers by any chance? As someone just starting out in bloggger land, I am finding it hard to find places to advertise my blog, and a few extra views a day doesn't hurt ;)

I discovered this site called blog-train which adds your blog to a "train" of other blogs displayed on the home page, that allows other bloggers or non-bloggers to visit or even follow your site :)

I discovered this site when I was snooping on my page views to see the sources and wondered what the hell blog-train was hehe. There's no need to have an account, you just add in your URL and that's you joined the train :) The site displays your blog for around 10 mins, after which you'll have to re-add your blog again, but that's just though a simple "click" link. I was surprised at how easy it was, there's an option to have your blog displayed solidly for a few days or a week, but that's something you have to pay for.

A little (somewhat immature lol) detail I like is that you get points for re-joining the train and for viewing or following any of the other blogs displayed on the home page, which I think is a good way to discover other blogs as well, as there's various categories such as DIY, art and animals etc. The points element is also amusing for myself and Mr Lacquerised as I am currently beating him by 200 points XD

Anyhows, this helps a lot with promoting your blog and I've even somehow managed to gain a few followers...hello new followers! *waves* :)


  1. lovely blog! xx

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  3. thank you! i'd never heard of blog train before reading about it on your blog, and now i've seen the light, ha! your nails are gorgeous, can't stop looking at them all! x

    1. aww thanks, your nails are really good too :D
      hope you benefit a lot from blog train!