Monday, 18 June 2012

Pastel Flags

I'd like to think that if I ever were to be a ruler of a country, that my flag would be nice pastel colours...I don't know why, but maybe cos pastel's are not as intimidating as loud garish colours :p

To make the lines, I used the gold as the base colour, and used striping tape to make cross shapes after the polish dried. I then filled in the spaces with a mint and a peach colour, and removed the tape (when the peach and mint were still wet to avoid the polish getting "torn" when lifting the tape) which then leaves the gold as an outline for the triangles and voilà, flag/cross shaped triangle type you can tell, I'm  not the most eloquent when thinking of titles for my designs hehe.

Striping tape is a good wee favourite of mine to make crisp and straight lines, however my fumbling stubby fingers don't lend well to placing them in patterns anymore intricate than crosses and straight lines :( I got a 10 pack of different colours from ebay for dirt cheap, but you can buy one roll if you don't fancy having striping tape hanging about your polish box, which is what I have atm >_< 
GOLD: Barry M - Gold Foil
PEACH: Barry M - Peach Melba
MINT: 17 - Mint Choc Chip
You guys must be sick of my constant apologies of either manky cuticles or bad photos...but I will get my camera back at some point I hope!

The 3 polishes I used were lovely and opaque in one coat, which is good for a method like this as waiting for the polish to dry can lead to it lifting along with the tape.

You can also just leave the striping tape on to make straight lines, just apply topcoat on top and specifically at either end of the tape to prevent it lifting off.