Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Swatched! Are We There Yet?, Hazy, I Have A Herring Problem, Classy, Wet Cement

I have some swatches of my Fragrance Direct haul in this post, sorry it's a bit late, but I took these in the lead upt to my holiday intending to post whilst I was away, but I ended up being super busy as I realised we only had 5 days in Chamonix and 2 days in Brugges so I wanted to do all the sight seeing as much as I could!

The swatches that I'm missing are Mojito Madness & Cascade Cool from Essie and  Did You Ear About Van Gogh & I Don't Give A Rotterdam from OPI. It's ironic since mojito madness is my favourite colour out of the haul as its such a pretty green and it's probably the one ive worn the most. However, you could just look up swatches from other (better) blogs online. I did kick myself when I realised I dont give a rotterdam and I have a herring problem where just light and darker version of each other though, but it's always nice to have an OPI in your collection and I did get them for cheap so I guess it's not too bad. 

I dont have many comments to make as I did the swatches so long ago now, sorry D: All swatches are done with three coats.

OPI, Are We There Yet:

Cream finish, such a pretty orangey peachy colour!

Revlon, Hazy:

Cream finish, slightly darker than sally hansen's wet cement further in the post.

OPI, I Have A Herring Problem:

Fine glitter finish, sort of blue grey colour, really pretty.

Revlon, Classy:

Cream finish, nudey peach colour. Nice for everday, understated work colour

Sally Hansen, Wet Cement:

Cream finish.

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