Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Swatched! Andrea Fullerton: Gemstone Overcoat

Hello there! 

Bit of a random post today as today's swatch is actually a "gemstone overcoat". I guess you could technically call it a glitter topcoat but it's more like a flakie topcoat. The flakes are iridescent, shining various colours depending on how the light hits it. 

ive actually had this polish or a year or two, but not many people have posted about this and I think it's a really underrated topcoat. It's not as obvious as a standard glitter topcoat and almost makes your nails look like marble or some kind of stone. I've Swatched it over Sinful Colours, Be Happy but this polish really outdoes itself when over a black base. The iridescence really comes to life! 

I've only ever seen Andrea Fullerton products in superdrug, and I can't remember how much this is, but I highly recommend it if you want something more subtle than a standard glitter polish. 

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