Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Galaxies Round 2

Yet another re-hash of an old design for you guys today! Although this time, my galaxies turned out a bit 
meh in comparison to my first time :/ 

Also, I'm sorry my cuticles are in a dire mess, this was my third attempt at a design (one did not turn out as I hoped and the other just smeared all over the place cos I was too impatient D: ) and the acetone wasn't doing much for them...I must get round to buying some cuticle nippers, now that I know that they're not as scary as they seem thanks to good old youtube :)

I normally list the colours to my designs, but the only branded polishes I used were the black and the glitter which were good old Barry M, the others were just those cheapy ebay polish pens!

Galaxy nails have been around for yonks now, so there's probably loooots of explanations/tutorials on how to do these :) They're a lot easier than they look, all you really need is a couple bits of sponge, some galaxy-esque colours and a glitter topcoat :)

I'm not liking these ones as much as I liked my first ones, these are too yellow and I should've taken my time to blend/sponge my colours a bit better...but I guess they look okay from afar, I don't take too kindly to strangers getting too cosy with me XD


  1. These look amazing! Forget doing better, for me this is incredible. There's no way I could do this good of a job. I really like it! And I don't think theres too much yellow. Girl, wish you could come do my nails!

  2. aw thanks a lot :D hehe maybe one day I'll start doing home visits ;) x