Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Commenting And New Post Soon!

Hello people, hope you guys are well and enjoying/avoiding the Olympics madness!

I wa splanning on avoiding it, but the gymnastics and diving has sucked me in :o The opening ceremony wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, I liked the latter half of it once it got to the more music-y bit, rather than the history type stuff...zzz...

Anyhows, sorry I haven't posted, I've been ill with a cough/cold and maybe a bit of stomach flu...or a severe dislike to Covonia hehe.

I also wanted to add, that I'm finally getting round to replying to comments anyone has left on my posts. For some reason, my laptop would never let me reply or post comments (it would vanish after I hit reply D: ), but I'm on Mr L's desktop just now and I can FINALLY reply to all you lovely people that have left comments :D

New post to come soon (not Olympics related f.y.i lol), I just need to find that rascal of a camera cable :/

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