Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Nail Art: Half Moon Monochrome Polka Dot

Hello! After a few weeks of wearing bright summery colours, I felt like some monochrome nails for a change. Polka dots are always easy to do but I also felt like having some half moons to. 

However, I'm never good at free handing half moons (they always end up squint haha) and I thought some 3D nail gems (is that what they're called?...) would do a good job covering up some wonky moons whilst also being part of the design. 

It's not often I do two accent nails, as I usually do one accent nail, all the same or all different. 2 accent nails allow you to have some freedom in your nail art without having the pressure of having to come up with 5 (or 10) different designs, so I might do this style again :)

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