Friday, 6 June 2014

Nail Art: Messy Stripes

Having been out of the nail art game for quite a while, I thought I'd test what skills I have left (if any) and try some vertical stripes. 

Vertical stripes are easier than they look since a striper brush does a lot of the work, but there's still some patience and good polish placement skills needed. 

I think my nails ended up a bit meh, with clashing colours and some in inventive stripe placement but I was a bit stuck for ideas and wasn't sure what else I could do :p

The colours I used were:
Models Own Hypergel: White Light (white)
Models Own Hypergel: Cornflower Gleam (blue)
Barry M Gelly: Dragon Fruit (pink)
Barry M Gelly: Guava (turquoise) 
Barry M Gelly: Prickly Pear (lilac)
Barry M Gelly: Key Lime (green)

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