Thursday, 26 September 2013

Boots Haul #8

About time for another haul eh? ;) 

Summer was pretty warm, and going on holiday to France and Bruges didn't feel any less warm, so I needed to step up my deodorant choice. I've hear Mitchum was a pretty good deodorant, so I picked up a scented and an unscented version. I liked they had a choice of unscented as sometimes I don't like the smell of my deodorant interfering with the smell of my body spray. I usually use a spray deodorant but after noticing how the Dove sprays kind of layer up and crumble when sprayed, I decided to go for a stick deodorant. These works pretty well, and manage to keep my sweaty pits under control (gross haha)

I usually use the Bourjois healthy mix foundation but I decided to try true match as Suzi from stylesuzi on youth e raved about it an since we have similar skin types and skin tones, I decided to have the foundation and power a shot since loreal was on buy one get one half price. I have to say, this is a really good foundation! It comes out quite liquidy and thin but it's really pigmented considering the texture, and gives medium to full coverage. Along with the powder, it sets to a non cakes finish, that's lasts a long time and even managed to stay out after a sweaty food shopping trip (I live o. A slight hill) 

I love lip balms. I love pink grapefruit. When I stumbled upon the Burts need pink grapefruit lip balm, I had to have it. It has a lovely scent, same as the body shop pink grapefruit scent, and is really moisturising and lasts a fair amount of time on the lips. 

Another brand, another lip colour crayon tiny gloss balm stain release. But I can't help myself when it comes to lip products and it was but one get one half price on Rimmel. I picked up a raspberry shade and a beigey neutral shade. I've only tried the neutral shade so far and it's a pike any other standard balm stain in all honesty but the beigey shade was one I hadn't seen before. 

Ain't no haul without nail polishes ;) 

If you haven't heard or seen by now, Vaseline have released new spray on moisturisers. This is handy when you're in a rush and need a quick moisture boost. It dries fairly quickly so means no standing about wafting your extremities ;) 

I've been Getting into masks recently to help my skin out a bit so I picked up the quick fixes facials mega moisture gel mask and the super facialist tea flower clay mask. The quick fixes mask works okay, there's no huge difference in my skin after use but I bought this more for when it gets a lot colder in winter. It has an odd scent that i cant quite put my finger on, but its not too offensive. The super facialist works a lot better, it's also a hydrating mask as well as a deep cleaning mask. It helps to soothe my cystic acne as well. The scent is very obvious an can put some people off but I don't mind it too much bits kind of like herbs mixed with Kenzo Flower perfume. 

I've been trying to take better care of my skin lately, so I decided to partake in double cleansing, and bought the superficiality vitamin c deep cleansing oil and the super facialist tea flower cleansing wash. The cleansing oil comes in much nicer packaging but it doesn't come with a pump so I purchased a pump bottle from eBay. Both help to remove my make up well, and the cleansing wash helps to soothe my acne. The Vit c oil smells like citrus and you can sometimes smell it off your face after washing. The cleansing wash smells of Kenzo Flower perfume, which is a perfume I once got for my birthday an really like. 

Having dark hair, it's hard for me to use dry shampoo as it leave a grey, dusty powder all over my hair. So when a sales girl came up to me in Boots talking about the new tresemme translucent finish dry shampoo so I had to grab it. It is indeed transparent, however doesn't give much volume but for soak up the oil well 

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