Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Oh hey, remember me? Yeah I nearly forgotten I did nails too, it's been around 2 weeks according to how long it's been since I've uploaded to my (personal) facebook. Yikes D:
I guess I've just been trying to readjust to being back at uni, and dealing witht he workload again. I have a library project this term, which is kind of like a practice dissertation for next year, so I've been trying to get some research done for that. The essay and the poster presentation for the project is only worth 10% of ym grade, but I want to do well in it since I'm not too good at presentations, plus my average got pulled down by me barely passing a report that was worth 10% too.

 I haven't been feeling really inspired lately, hence why this design isn't as good as it could've been...I felt like doing something pastel and black but didn't really have any ideas, I wanted to try a super simple aztec design and made it vertical instead of horizontal since I suck at drawing horizontal stripes lol. I  kind of like it vertical, and might try a more detailed aztec design at some point.

Mint: Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Lilac: Collection 2000 - Sugared Almond

I used Mint Candy Apple and Sugared Almond as my bases. Both are lovely pastel colours (Mint candy apple definitely lives up to the hype, I think!), and are opaque in 2 to 3 coats. It may seem a lot of layers, but I've got a few polishes that take up to 4 coats, and 2 to 3 is a good average I'd say. I applied sally hensen's mega shine topcoat to provide a barrier between the base and the acrylic paint. It dries really quick and it is pretty shiney, but it streaks designs, so I tend to use it for plain colours rather than designs. I then used acrylic paint to  do (or in this case, slop on...) the design. I then used models own clear polish to topcoat it as  I've never had it streak on me, and I wasn't sure how acrylics react to topcoat since it's the first time using I used them.

Anyways, thast my kind of pretty bad attempt at a nail design..I really need to get more inspiration from somewhere. I may just start doing the 31 day/week challenge...hmm...

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