Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sorry for being AWOL!

Heyheyhey guys,

sorry I haven't posted in aaages, my exam/class test thingy is on the 12th of Dec, which only really leaves me a week and a bit after lectures finished to study one and a half lever arch folder's worth of stuff. yikes. The test is only worth 10% so IF I do bad, then it's not as huge a deal if it was an exam, but I]m still worried about it cos it's our first exam/test type thing cos I've only had coursework so far :(

Anyways, I'll hopefully be around a bit more after the 12th, although I have a 5 page report and a critical review to do, and I'm supposed to start doing research for my lib project/poster presentation over christmas too :p However, I od have at least one Boots haul post to do and I got tagged for another Leibster award so have to do that too!

Anyways, back to the mass of notes now...hope yous are enjoying the winter so far, and hope it's appropriately snowy and not icey wherever you are! or maybe even sunny...I'd like it to be sunny tbh :p

see ya!

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  1. Hope to see more of you after the 12th! You can also participate in the Liebster Award then, which I've nominated you for!
    Check for all the details ^^