Saturday, 4 February 2012

Negative Spacing

Another Valentines themed post today, got bored of doing uni work so I started procrastinating hehe. Anyhoos, I've seen a few posts about negative spacing (when part of the nail is left bare) so thought I'd give it a shot with my somewhat unprofessional hand :p

For my colour scheme I somewhat reluctantly decided to open my OPI minis box of The Muppet Collection. It was my first ever minis collection from OPI and I've been perving on the collection since it came out, wishing I had the money to get all of them D:

Anyhoos, the minis set comes with Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi!, Designer...De Better! and Warm & Fozzie. So I decided to use Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! as theyre the more typical Valentines Day colours. 

First off I thought I'd do an XOXO type pattern (hugs and kisses) but thought it'd look like I was playing naughts and crosses on my nails, so thought Id turn the O's into hearts. For my accent nail, I thought I'd put a negative spaced heart in the middle of Excuse Moi!

White: Ultra Pro
Glitter: OPI, Excuse Moi!
Red: OPI, Wocka Wocka

After I finished this design, I thought it looked a tad too busy, and Wocka Wocka! had smeared so it was bugging me, but I really liked the accent nail, and wasn't wanting to waste a single drop of Excuse Moi! So I just changed the other nails to simple negative stripes through some Wocka Wocka!

Glitter: OPI, Excuse Moi!
Red: OPI, Wocka Wocka!
Even though I'm not usually a fan of reds, I quite like this design, as it's more simple and subtle. Although I'm  not looking forward to taking off Wocka Wocka! as I've got a feeling it's gonna stain like a biatch as cleaning up around my cuticles was hard enough :(

I have a few other valentines designs in mind, so I may get round to doing them if I have time :)

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